• General support: we help you solving any legal issue arising during your project. Our expertise includes international aviation law, EU regulations (EASA requirements) as well as national aviation/drone legislation.
  • Contract management: we have experience in drafting and preparing contracts, from the negotiation phase to closure. We can assist you in all contractual legal issues pertaining to your project.
  • Regulatory watch:   we can track all regulatory changes applicable to your industry, send you briefings you on the evolution of new legislation and/or prepare position papers (e.g. drones).
  • EU project management: we are proficient in consortium agreements, intellectual property management, subcontracting and financial reporting. We have in-depth expertise in H2020/FP7/ESA/SME Instrument administrative and financial rules.
  • Webinars: we organize online webinars regarding the main legal aspects of drone operation. Our training covers aviation regulations (operational rules, certification requirements and maintenance), in addition to the insurance obligations (liability of the drone operator) and privacy issues.  A summary of our course is available  HERE.
  • Feasibility study: we verify the legal practicality of your against the law from different perspectives (legal compliance, privacy issues, insurance aspects, security, freedom-to-operate, etc.). We have performed feasibility studies in a wide range of areas, including NewSpace, automated mobility, drones-as-a-services and earth observation.
  • Risks assessment: we perform on-site reviews to understand your procedures, review existing contracts, identify potential grey zones and establish a preventative strategy. Have a look at the typical risk assessment we performed HERE.
  • Training: we organise lectures and training to provide aviation professionals with a global understanding of the industry framework. Our training typically includes eight modules split over 3 days.  A full description is available HERE.